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The Lice Ladies

The Lice Ladies

“The Lice Lady”! Who wants to be called “The Lice Lady?!” Well, if it's in reference to our Super-Lice removing, myth-busting, calming super-powers, then we do! We are all proud LICE LADIES! And most of us were anxious moms, knee-deep in lice, prior to getting here.


There is something about the word lice that can unhinge the most stable & level-headed person. This little four-letter word can make heads itch, skin crawl & every square inch of a house get hyper-cleaned. Lice can make accusations and assumptions fly, divide family and friends, keep children from school, cause sleepless nights, homes to be temporarily abandoned, long beautiful hair to be cut short or shaved off all together & spirits to be crushed. We have been there! Then we found a better way.


The Ladies at the Lounge will not only calm your fears & ease your mind. We’ll educate you on the real facts of lice, why we don’t recommend the toxic chemicals in RID & NIX & what the current research is. Our promise to our customers is complete victory in the battle of lice.

Super Lice have no power over our Super Lice Ladies! So, if your world has been turned upside down by lice, please come to ours. We offer a serene and welcoming environment with luxurious amenities. You will not only leave pampered and lice-free, but quite possibly as a reborn Lice Lady (or man) yourself. If you are ready to conquer your lice before they conquer you, give us a call or make an appointment online at