How To Prepare For Your Visit

  • Arrive with freshly-washed, dry, product-free hair. Brush or comb hair free of tangles.

  • Complete the New Client Form, one for each person to be seen.

  • Eat beforehand, but know we do provide kid-friendly snacks if they get hungry.

  • Bring your child’s favorite books or games. We provide free Wi-Fi and tablet technology.

  • DON’T STRESS over the cleaning. We will guide you through some safe and effective means of cleaning only the necessary items after your appointment.

  • And, please, try to relax, let us take it from here.

What Should I Expect?

1. One of our friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable technicians will greet you.

2. If you haven’t completed the client information prior to your appointment, you will be asked to fill it out sometime during your visit.

3. A technician will bring you and your family to our treatment area.  

4. We will apply a natural, enzymatic plant based product to the hair and comb thoroughly with a professional nit comb.  

5. Once combing is complete we will go through the hair strand-by-strand to remove all lice and nits.  During the 1.5 to 2.5 hour treatment process (time may vary based on thickness of hair and level of infestation) children can watch a movie or play games on our tablets or read a book from our library.  

6. At the conclusion of the treatment we will set up a follow-up recheck appointment scheduled within 1 week post initial treatment.

The Lice Lounge is trained and certified by The Shepherd Institute, the top lice education and treatment organization in the U.S.