Meet the Moms

We know first hand how exasperating, time consuming & down-right annoying those little buggers can be (the lice, not the kids)! After yet another year of finding those pesky critters, we decided to do something more serious about it & we got down to business. We sought out the best training available, became certified in the “The Shepherd Method”™ of Strand-by-Strand Nit Removal, and learned way more than we ever thought there was to know about Pediculus Capitis (or, head lice).

We use an all-natural, pesticide-free, safe & successful method of lice removal. We are mothers and lice removal experts & we have been in your shoes.   

We look forward to serving you and your family,

                                                        Jess & Anne



  • In-salon head checks and lice treatment

  • Lice education seminars

  • Phone consultations for school health professionals and parents

  • Diagnostic lice checks at daycares, schools and camps




We understand you're busy so we are open 7 days a week, offer convenient online booking, same day appointments, and free follow-up checks. We're experts at making kids feel comfortable, and have snacks and tablets loaded with movies and games.




Certified & Pesticide FRee

The Lice Lounge is certified in the Shepherd method, a pesticide-free, 100% effective and safe head lice treatment. We guarantee our work, we will be with you until you're through with this.


Caring professionals

We ensure you have the knowledge and tools to protect your family from future lice outbreaks.  Our caring, compassionate and highly trained staff will ensure you leave feeling relieved and lice free.


The Lice Lounge partners with schools in the Twin Cities and Twin Ports by donating 10% of treatment costs back to the referring school. These funds are used to provide free services to families in need. To make a donation, contact us directly.