Here's what Clients had to say about their experience at The Lice Lounge.

A huge shout out to the Lice Lounge! The time and patience the staff put into my daughter was priceless. I had no clue what I was in for and completely misinformed as I’m sure many are. The staff took their time to explain every detail to me and my daughter and answer any questions we had. I think my daughter, who is 7, had more fun playing on tablets, coloring, cutting out paper monsters while sipping hot cocoa and drinking juice boxes that she didn’t even think about why she was actually there! Thank You So Much Lice Lounge!!!
— S.Z.
Going to the Lice Lounge was the best decision I could have made once I found lice eggs in my daughters hair. I was so worried about all of the sterilizing and bagging of our toys and sheets. Sue dispelled the myths that I remembered from childhood and Pam was so gentle with my daughter, I would recommend Lice Lounge to friends and family needing help with lice!
— S.M.
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience than we had at the Lice Lounge! Kelly went out of her way to get my daughter in for a head check AND treatment, then was so empathetic to our situation and worked to find a way to head check myself, my husband and our two other kids as well. This place is truly a blessing for families in what can be a really stressful situation. The clean environment, thorough checks and peace of mind they provide is priceless. Plus no chemicals or wasted $$ on over the counter treatment. Thank you!!
— A.B.
Absolutely loved the Lice Lounge! Really had a wonderful experience here and with the sweet lice ladies! Have never enjoyed having lice so much. I wouldn’t mind getting lice again just to hang out with these amazing women, especially my BFF Anne! Highly recommend the Lice Lounge to anyone with lice and or even those without lice!
— E.G.
This place is amazing! Truly white bear lakes best kept secret!! We found out on a sunday night that my oldest daughter had gotten lice. I booked an online appointment for the next day at 930. They had our entire family checked and treated the very next day! We were leaving for a disney cruise that friday so I really needed this taken care of as soon as possible! They even booked us for our first recheck the thursday before we left so I could sleep at night knowing for sure the lice was gone before we were all contained in the same room for 7 nights! Grace, Pam and Anne are wonderful and are fantastic at what they do. Grace even gave each of my girls fancy braids in their hair at our recheck!!! Love, love, love this place!!!
— K.V.
Don’t bother trying to get rid of lice yourself. You won’t be able to take the same amount of care that these ladies do. They are wonderful! They educate you and give the best ‘patient’ care ever. Well worth it!!!
— L.S.
I brought my daughter in and the staff was so much fun to be around and took great care of her. The staff debunked all the myths out there in regards to Lice. Not only did we have a great time we learned a lot.
— C.C.
Thank you all for the professional (yet comfortable and approachable) service as well as the peace of mind you gave us and other families. You are a welcome and much needed asset to the community.
— S.P.
So worth it and we plan on coming here regularly for head checks. Very thorough and welcoming atmosphere, we highly recommend! Thank you for taking care of us.
— H.G.
SOOO thankful for the wonderful ladies at The Lice Lounge!! They are so accommodating to stressed out moms & children would have a hard time sitting still! Thanks for your help!
— J.S.
Loved the full service with follow up! Daughter sat still the whole time thanks to the tablets! Anne was friendly and knew her stuff.
— M.J.
I went in today for a head check. The two ladies working there were so knowledgeable on lice. I left knowing I had a clean head, and with so much information. Thanks!!!
— A.H.
Picked my daughter up from daycare today to find out there was another child with lice in her class. Leaving on a flight out of state in 14 hours I needed peace of mind that she wouldn’t be bringing any little friends with her! I called The Lice Lounge and she was able to get us in right away. Very knowledgeable, kind and gentle with my daughter. Juice boxes and tablets for the kids and even french braided my 3 year old’s hair after the check. Thankfully we were lice free and now have the knowledge and tools to help keep it that way! Well worth the price. Highly recommend!
— A.K.
I wish the Lice Lounge was around 30 years ago when I was doing Lice treatments on my kids. I waited with my granddaughter as she was treated, even had my head checked, just in case. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using their services. It certainly takes the added stress off the parents. They do a very thorough job and you feel secure in knowing that the lice are GONE when they are finished. Whew! If anyone has kids who spend time around other kids, they need to know about this amazing service!
— K.F.
Thank you so much to the wonderful ladies at The Lice Lounge. Calmed our worries and gave us great advice.
— S.G.
Kelly and Jessica are amazing !! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but if you are one of the unfortunate ones I HIGHLY recommend these ladies! Thank you Kelly and Jessica for taking good care of my whole family!!!
— D.C.
A huge thank you to the ladies of The Lice Lounge for making a not so fun situation of head lice really not so bad. Seriously go there....for the peace of mind, and time that you would spend trying to do it on your own! They are so wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable. Thank You!!!
— A.B.
They made this process so simple thank you thank you!
— N.B.
Oh my goodness! My family’s experience at The Lice Lounge was nothing less than a blessing! We were offered something to drink and some snacks (which was great cuz we hadn’t eaten dinner). My daughter’s hair took almost 3 hrs, but the ladies working kept her engaged and content the entire time. There were answers to ALL our questions, the staff is very knowledgeable. It felt like being pampered rather than being shamed for something we struggled to get rid of for so long... thank you for blessing our family! I hope we never see you again! *wink wink*
— L.H.
We had a great experience recently, where the staff took time to check our family and double check the child I found some nits on. The owner spent time explaining all the inaccurate information out there about lice, and truly educated me about everything. Price is well worth the piece of mind, and all the staff was so kind.
— A.M.
I was saved by this place from a lot of heartache. The care we received was absolutely second to none. It is such a great time being treated, checked, etc. Great owner, great workers, accuracy with removing everything & incredibly happy with the results of my and my daughter’s’ treatment. So blessed to have a place like this in our community.
— S.C.
Had the most amazing experience here today! You ladies are truly heaven sent! I am so thankful for everything you did today! I’ll be sending everyone your way!
— K.T.